"The day when the care of other people TRULY becomes more
important than yourself, is the time when your's and other peoples
lives change for the better"
- P.S. McL -
Like any human who wants to give back, my Journey with Charity work started when I decided to clean my closet and find an abundance of clothes that never got worn, this certainly offered an opportunity to provide to others more needy than I.
Each year thereafter my social activities offered more opportunity to give back, from regular orphanage visits in Singapore to supporting the Community Chest organisation with their annual Toy Runs where the Jeep and Harley Davidson Clubs rallied together to also support the Singapore aged community by partnering with Realms of Tranquility.
These activities ultimately culminated with my biggest eye opening opportunity of all - a CSR project partner visit to Uganda in 2016 with We See Hope, a supported Charity with one of my past employers.
In Uganda with We See Hope, I witnessed the strongest form of Human belief, resolve and togetherness like nothing I'd ever witnessed before. From Children educating adults and the wider community on Child Rights to remote Communities building sustainability together with Village Investor Programs to lastly supporting young adults with effective vocational learning and employment opportunities.
Seeing first hand the impact that these programs had, helped me to realise that other communities suffering similar issues around the world should also be educated. In investigating different country situations I also identified a significant lack of Literacy in large populations in particular countries like Indonesia and Australia, hence "Dreams For Life" was born with our Vision to Eliminating Poverty by Making Education a Reality to Each and Every Child through education programs such as "Read For Life".
Well I eventually found my way, now I invite you to find yours! As a "Dreams For Life" Supporter, Volunteer or Partner you can also make a difference in the lives of 1,000's of children living in poverty today.
By Donating $395.00 towards 1 x "Read For Life - Montessori in a Box" you too can make a difference by playing your part in "Eliminating Poverty by Making Education a Reality" by providing a FREE Yearly education for up to 60 children (each box) & further sponsor the training & education of 3 Community members living in poverty to be teachers supporting the sustainability of this highly beneficial Montessori education program.
We invite you to either start or continue your Journey in giving back. Please take a look at our current program initiatives and if these are of individual interest or if you’re a project partner who has other program ideas that compliments our's, we'd love to hear from you by contacting us via the link below.
"Together many Small Steps Make a Life Journey"
- P.S. McL