March 18, 2017


Sandra and her Husband from Seeds of Hope welcomed us on our visit to their wonderful orphanage offering a truly amazing one big happy family feeling of togetherness.


Seeds of Hope have 52 children in their care today and are focused on a healthy lifestyle with a sport and education focus. An amazing woman who unfortunately was set back in life due to suffering a Stroke however you just could tell once you got talking to her, her witty remarks and amazing sense of humour truly illustrate the core of this family values based environment.



In talking further to Sandra one of their key aims to to build a strong platform of independence with each child, their willingness as one big family to work together is a wonderful example of pure togetherness through adversity.



The balls and skipping ropes were a huge hit, the girls started a skipping competition (see video) and the boys hustled on the Basketball court, such a great sight to see!

Sandra and her Husband are keen to understand more the "Read for Life" literacy program for the young children in their care.