"DFL Education" - Positively Impacting the Children of Eben Haezer Orphanage

Today we are proud to be providing yearly Education to the Early Aged Children of Eben Haezer Orphanage. Our Partnership with Ibu Elizabeth and Pak Rudi continues to provide positive impact and learnings to the Children via a blended National and Montessori curriculum approach. The changes that we see in the children as they develop are proof that with a dedicated focus - all Children benefit to support their ability to be the best version of themselves!



Community Partners 



Our relationship with Dough Darlings happened by chance however we know it was fate. In approaching the organisation to help support an orphanage of 53 hungry children we met Mr. Fonda the owner and head of HR for the group originally formed in Jakarta.

Not only did we find an extremely rare form of generosity but an owner and staff with hearts of Gold. Their approach in hiring less fortunate girls, boys, men and women from all walks of life and providing that second or third or fourth chance still remains inspiring.

Together we look to creative ways to support the children in various different fund raising methods and activities to support providing increased life opportunities for the disadvantaged children of Indonesia.